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IBFCSM was established in 1976 and operates as an independent Nonprofit 501C(6) credentialing body organization, dedicated to “Upgrading Professions” in the areas of healthcare safety, patient safety, healthcare emergency management, hazard control management, product safety, and disaster management.


Benefit of certification

In today’s competitive work environment, now more than ever, organizations value professionals with skills, competencies, and validated expertise. Individuals achieving beyond the normal bring professionalism to their organizations.  Earning an IBFCSM credential demonstrates that you met professional requirements and passed a challenging examination.  Earning your credential indicates a high level of personal commitment to excellence and illustrates a desire to be a leader in your profession.

Our Misison statement

The IBFCSM mission of “Upgrading Professions” remains unchanged since 1976.  As an independent Nonprofit 501C(6) credentialing organization, our Board oversees certification process opportunities in the areas of healthcare safety, hazard control management, emergency and disaster management, and product safety. IBFCSM operates in a fair, consistent, and impartial manner. The Board never restricts certification opportunities based on membership requirements, unrealistic eligibility criteria, exorbitant costs, or completion of mandatory education and training. IBFCSM encourages all eligible and qualified individuals to apply for certification.


  1. Collect applicant information, evaluate eligibility, certify based on assessment results, and recertify credential holders by ensuring continued competency.
  2. Raise the competency of all credential holders by documenting professional practice and development with a focus on use of management, leadership, and effective communication.
  3. Encourage professional practice in scope of certification by promoting the importance of education, training, and use of system methods to improve professional practice.
  4. Provide recognition and status by establishing competency standards for professionals who meet and maintain all certification requirements.
  5. Facilitate the exchange of ideas to improve the standing and professional practice in all certification scopes.
  6. Promote the importance of individual professional growth, ethical job practice, and meaningful collaboration in the scopes of certification.

This is the number one certification for healthcare safety professionals. What I value is the leadership of Jim Tweedy and the Board for setting the standards for professionalism for our specializations. - Suzanne Loeb

This is a great organization led for many years by exceptional leader Jim Tweedy. The organization provides key certifications for professionals practicing in Safety, Emergency Preparedness and other areas associated with regulatory compliance. I urge you to visit the site and take advantage of the offerings provided by the International Board. - Ronald Coulter on LinkedIn

Jim and the staff at IBFCSM worked with young Federal Safety Professionals (as I was) at the Army Safety Center back in 2009. Twelve years later I’m proud to still hold my two credentials (CHCM, CHSP) but now at OSHA. Thanks Jim and IBFCSM!  - Ben Bailey via LinkedIn


Jason Mahoney  


Lafi Al-Fehaid

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