how to prepare for your exam

1. Decide how you are going to prepare for the the exam:

Option A:


Option B:


Option C:


Please NOTE:

IBFCSM applicants and candidates must personally decide how they wish to prepare for the certification examination. IBFCSM does not require any applicant or candidate to purchase study materials, textbooks, exam preparation resources, or attend any review or educational session to qualify for certification.

We suggest not to apply to take your exam until you are ready. The application is only valid for 6 months.

When you are ready to apply for a certification, please create an account with IBFCSM by clicking on the certification of your choice. Once logged in, please complete the application process and pay the appropriate fees.

2. Decide how you are going to take the the exam:

Option A:

  • The Board encourages candidates to take their exams with a live online proctor. Candidates will be able to register and take the online proctored exam through the proctoring company's website.
  • Candidates can schedule exams on a 24/7/365 basis using an IBFCSM provided Exam Link. Contact or call 205-664-8412 for additional information and to obtain instructions on how to schedule your exam.
  • Live online proctors ensure strict security and can capture any improper behaviors during session using screenshots, audio, and video.
  • Candidates must present a government photo ID containing first, middle, and last names (in English), and date of birth. ID presented must match the ID used during previous registration.
  • Candidates must close all computer applications including browsers, chat capabilities, desktop sharing, and any mail/client applications before starting exam. No one else permitted in exam room during the session. Exam venues must provide adequate lighting. Ensure no direct light interferes with web camera. Clear desk completely of all items. Proctor will require you to slowly rotate the webcam around the exam room to show all walls and exam work area.
  • Do not begin exam until prompted by proctor. You may go back to answer any missed or skipped test items during the exam. The timer should appear on your screen during the exam. When you complete your exam a pop-up message notifies you of any unanswered items. Follow proctor instructions to end exam.
  • Minimum recommended technology requirements includes:
  • (1) computer with 4GB of Ram or higher;
  • (2) high-speed internet connection of 10Mbps (ethernet preferred if available);
  • (3) camera, microphone, and speakers connected to the computer;
  • (4) browser compatibility (Chrome).
  • Failure to adhere to security requirements can result in exam termination.
  • The Board notifies candidates of their pass or fail status once the procoring company provides the results.

Option B:

  • IBFCSM considers requests for paper and pencil exam sessions for 20 candidates.
  • Paper and pencil exam sessions must adhere to strict security measures with an authorized in-person proctor.
  • For additional information about paper and pencil exams contact or call 205-664-8412.