Recertification occurs at the same time as your 5th Year Annual Renewal. Credential holders recertifying, must submit a recertification application that documents 5,000 hours of professional job practice and 50 clock hours of professional development activities in the recertification scope. Professional development activities can include continuing education accomplishments or documenting professional non-job related achievements such as: earning college credits, serving on professional panels, advisory board involvement, teaching, course development, consulting outside of normal job duties, and serving as a fulltime faculty member within the scope of certification. Please refer the IBFCSM Certification Handbook for additional information. The Certification Management System (CMS) sends email reminders to credential holders about Annual Renewal and Recertification deadlines.

Refer to the CERTIFICATION HANDBOOK for detailed information..

follow the steps below!


Login to your IBFCSM account and access the recertification application.


Document professional job practice hours and professional development achievements.


Pay your 5th year annual fee.


Keep your records of your recertification achievements.  IBFCSM will randomly audit recertification applications to verify accuracy and truthfulness.

Please complete this process for EACH credential up for recertification.