The IBFCSM recertification process confirms continued competence of certificants to meet ongoing compliance with current scheme requirements. Recertification requirements include the following requirements:

  • Maintain the accuracy of all personal and job related information
  • Adherence to code of conduct and other certification agreements
  • 5,000 hours of job practice for the five year recert period
  • 50 hours of scope education/training and/or professional development activities
  • Certificants may achieve recertification by passing the current examination


Recertification occurs simultaneously with the year five a certificants fifth year annual renewal. Certificants must complete the online Recertification Application and pay their annual renewal fee. Recertification candidates should maintain documentation of their recertification achievements. IBFCSM can conduct spot checks to validate adherence to requirements. Failure to provide documentation if requested by IBFCSM can result in disciplinary action including certification.


Documentation of continuing education, training, and professional development activities must include the certificant’s name, scope certification number, topic descriptions, completion date, and the number of clock hours achieved. Report achievements using clock hours as 1.0, 1.5, 2.0. etc. Proof of achievement can include completion certificates or any documentation that verifies achievement. IBFCSM notifies individuals selected for a recertification spot check by email. Certificants must provide documentation proof using an appropriate format such as jpg, photo, pdf, etc. Spot checks can take place any time after a recertification.


IBFCSM can suspend recertification candidate failing to document achievements or failing the current scope exam until. IBFCSM can revoke certification for failing to complete recertification. Please contact IBFCSM if you encounter any circumstances that hinders your recertification process. The Board evaluates the circumstances and works to help you achieve recertification.


Partial Listing Professional Development Activities

  • Leadership in scope related organizations
  • Degrees related to professional practice
  • Publishing books and professional articles
  • Professional conference presentations
  • Volunteer of scope related committees or panels
  • Attending professional development conferences
  • Completing scope related training or education
  • Taking any college courses related to the scope
  • Providing scope related organizational services
  • Earning additional certifications related to scope
  • Serving in leadership of a professional organization
  • Teaching or instructing scope related classes


Online Recertification Acknowledgement

Inside the Certification Management Sysytem you will have to read and sign on the following:"I acknowledge that I attained 5,000 hours of professional job practice for the five year recertification period and completed 50 hours of scope related professional education and/or development activities. I agree to continue abiding by the IBFCSM Ethics Code and all other published continuing certification requirements. I also understand that intentionally submitting false recertification information can result in the revocation of my certification. I acknowledge that IBFCSM can request official documentation from me to support all entries made on this Recertification Application. By checking the box below, I affirm all information submitted in this Recertification Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Top of Form

I affirm all information submitted in this Recertification Application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge".



Refer to the CERTIFICATION HANDBOOK for detailed information..

follow the steps below!


Login to your IBFCSM account and access the recertification application.


Acknowledge that you have attained 5,000 hours of professional job practice and 50 clock hours


Pay your 5th year annual fee.


Keep your records of your recertification achievements.  IBFCSM will randomly audit recertification applications to verify accuracy and truthfulness.

Please complete this process for EACH credential up for recertification.