Candidate Requirements

Applicants must create an account with IBFCSM and complete the Application Process.

The Application process is straight forward and requires applicants to enter all requested information such as:

(1) Personal and contact information, relevant job experience and history, educational and other achievements.

(2) Contact information for two references aware of applicant’s fitness certification,

(3) Pay the Application and Exam Fee.

(4) The candidates must achieve passing scores of certification exam.

(5) Candidates must read and acknowledge their understanding by entering their legal signature online.

(6) Consent to adhere to the ethics code and all other IBFCSM certification agreements.

(7) Annual Renewal: Remitting the Annual Renewal Fee by the due date.

(8) Recertification: Submitting 5 Year Recertification Summary Report to validate compliance.

(9) Personal Info Currancy: notifying IBFCSM about personal and place of work contact information.

1. Eligibility Requirements

Document a minimum of six (6) years of relevant job experience and college education combined with a minimum of two (2) years of relevant experience.  Please note that each 30 semester hours of earned college credits is equivalent to 1 (one) year of experience.

IBFCSM defines relevant experience as any job or professional experience from working, consulting, or providing education and training in a field related to the certification scope sought. Exam blueprints provide additional information on job tasks and professional knowledge requirements for each IBFCSM scope of certification. Please contact IBFCSM with any questions regarding eligibility.

2. Application Requirements

  • Applicants must create an account with IBFCSM.
  • IBFCSM requires completion of the entire application. IBFCSM does not accept any other document as a substitute for completing the entire application.
  • Applicants must notify IBFCSM to update any informational changes during the application process.
  • Applicants must pay the current Application and Exam Fees. Please note that Application Fees are non-refundable.
  • Applicants must provide complete and accurate information regarding relevant job history and college education degrees and achievements. IBFCSM does not require college transcripts, unless requested.
  • Applicants give IBFCSM permission to verify all information provided.
  • The application contains several agreements that applicants must read and acknowledge understanding by entering their online legal signature.
  • Applicants must provide contact info for two References recommending certification.
  • The Board may contact these references to confirm the recommendations.
  • Applications remain current for 12 months from submission date, but must be updated if information changes.

3. References

You will be asked to provide contact information for two references, aware of applicant’s fitness for certification with complete name, job title and place of work, two valid and current phone numbers for us to call and ask for reference evaluations recommending certification.

IBFCSM does not accept References from direct report subordinates or family members. Professional peers and superiors names may be submitted for  evaluations.


Remitting current application and examination fees:









Application Fees cover costs associated with processing, assessing, validating, and evaluating information provided by applicants. Examination fees cover costs associated with registration, exam delivery, reporting of results, analysis of exam performance, ongoing test development, and related maintenance costs. IBFCSM operates as a not-for-profit organization and currently receives no funding from any outside sources. Our fees remained below the national average for similar professional certification organizations. IBFCSM strives to make access to certification opportunities fair and equitable for all applicants.


Competency  refers to meeting all eligibility requirements and achieving a passing score on the appropriate certification exam.


6. Ethics Code and Certfications Agreements

Online legal signatures indicate adherence to all certification requirements including ethics code and other mandatory agreements.