Healthcare Safety for Nursing Personnel



Nursing personnel play an integral role in healthcare and medical delivery organizations. Nurses not only work to keep patients safe, but most also contend with a number of safety and health risks. Illustrating the occupational risks nurses face, the text book addresses healthcare safety as related to nursing personnel risks, hazard and responsibilities in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Examining the concepts and principles of patient safety as related to organizational dynamics, culture, system methods, and key patient safety initiatives, the book supplies essential knowledge of healthcare safety risks, challenges, and controls. It includes information on leadership, management, communications skills, and understanding accidents.

The book includes helpful resources in the appendices, such as a nurse safety perception survey, an accident casual factor chart, sample ergonomics symptoms report, sample TB exposure control plan, and a model respirator plan for small organizations. Complete with review exercises in each chapter, this text book is ideal for certification training in nursing programs and as a reference for developing nursing-in-service sessions.


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